6 Ancient Books That Completely Defy The Foundation of History As We Know It

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Archaeologists have discovered many historic objects and fragments that tell of a time we never knew. As it turns out history as we know it could be entirely different, according to these ancient books!

Archaeologists are incredibly good at preserving old relics, texts, scripts, and even mummified people. Earth is no new planet and she has plenty of miles on her! Humans have inhabited Earth for thousands of years and all their things didn’t just disappear. In fact, they’re still here today! We’re just sitting on top of them, buried by earth, rocks, trees, oceans, rivers, and lakes! Researchers and archaeologists have discovered many different components of ancient life here on Earth, and some of it defies everything we ever thought we knew about history. Although controversial, these ancient manuscripts, books, and scriptures go against everything we’ve ever been taught about history – and they might be the answer to changing the world.

People can go on and on debating whether or not these ancient books are accurate or even real, but we do know one thing for sure: Government agencies aren’t shy of covering up and hiding information and if something could be detrimental to the world order in place, they might’ve been left no choice but to ignore them. But that doesn’t keep it from getting out. All in all, don’t let anyone tell you what to believe. Form your beliefs on your own and seek your own truths.

1. The Book of Thoth

One of the most controversial ancient records, the book of Thoth tells a history we have never heard before. It is said that anyone who reads it would be able to understand the means to construe the secrets and master the sea, air, Earth, and space itself. Supposedly it offers unlimited knowledge, written by the Egyptian God of writing and knowledge. The book is derived from the church father Clement of Alexandria’s 46 book work Stromata.

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