10 Terrifying American Serial Killers Still At Large

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4. Indian Creek Trail Killer

While the public’s obsession tends to focus mostly on notorious serial killers of the last decades, we shouldn’t consider this a problem of the past. There is possibly a demented serial killer prowling the hiking trails of Kansas City, Missouri, at this very moment.

Since August 2016, four men have been killed while exploring the popular trails of the city, primarily Indian Creek Trail. All four victims were elderly white men between 54 and 67 years of age. Three of them were out walking their dogs.

While police have been reticent to describe the murders as the work of a serial killer, they have noted that all the murders share “obvious similarities.”[7] They have also called in the FBI to provide their behavioral science expertise. One retired FBI agent from the Kansas City division speculated that the agents will primarily look for links between the four killings.

A fifth body was found on Memorial Day in 2017 by a search party looking for a missing 18-year-old woman. The victim, a 31-year-old man, was found off the Trolley Track Trail, a few miles north of the previous crime scenes. So far, investigators have pointedly affirmed that the latest death is not connected to the previous murders.

3. I-65 Killer

In 1987, 41-year-old Vicki Heath was attacked at her job as an overnight desk clerk at a Super 8 Motel in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. After she was sexually assaulted and shot, her body was left in the dumpster out back.

For over two decades, investigators believed that Heath’s murder was an isolated act of violence. It wasn’t until 2010 that DNA evidence connected her assailant to two other murders from 1989 that took place in Indiana. Both of those victims also worked as night clerks at Days Inn Motels.[8]

Another woman was attacked a year later, but she managed to escape and give a description of her attacker. Unfortunately, it’s been over 25 years and he still has not been identified.

Police suspect the killer could be responsible for other murders, but they don’t have any solid leads so far. Given that he appeared to travel via I-65 and stay in cheap motels, investigators believed that he was a traveling salesman or a truck driver.

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