10 Statues That People Like To Touch In Inappropriate Places

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6. Molly Malone

When you hear the name Molly Malone, you think of Ireland. In the capital city of Dublin, you can find a statue of this lovely lady on Suffolk Street. It has been moved from its normal location on Grafton Street due to some construction in the city. That small change in location, however, has not deterred tourists from stopping to see the lovely statue in all her glory.

Upon first glance, it is obvious that people have a fascination with her breasts. When visiting, it would be hard not to look at them as they are quite a noticeable feature. In fact, they are a different shade of bronze than the rest of the statue due to all the contact that they have had over the years.[5]

Some think that she was a prostitute. Others believe that she caught fish. Either way, she is a tourist favorite. However, there does not seem to be much evidence about her breasts bringing good luck. Instead, people seem to touch her breasts because they are quite noticeable and they are there.


5. The Adam Statue
New York City

This statue is actually located inside a shopping center in one of America’s largest cities. On the ground floor of the Shops at Columbus Circle, you will find two rather large statues of Adam and Eve.

Standing 3.7 meters (12 ft) tall, they have become quite the attraction. However, the Adam statue arguably gets more attention than the Eve statue. If you look between its legs, you will see why.[6]

People love to come by and touch his private parts. In fact, they have been touched so many times that they have turned to gold. There seems to be no good luck legend associated with this little touch. People seem to do it because it’s there.

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