10 Famous People Who Have Hated The Fame

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8. Justin Bieber

Who is Justin Bieber? Well, if you have to ask! He is a Canadian pop star discovered via YouTube where he and his mother posted clips of the young boy singing Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Ne-Yo covers. Usher eventually helped Bieber get signed. His album My World, released in 2009, sold more than 137,000 copies within the first week of hitting stores.

The Biebs has stated that achieving fame in his youth was “the toughest thing in the world.” At 21, he said, “Look at the statistics on how many child stars have crumbled and turned out to be wack jobs . . . it’s f—ked, bro, this lifestyle.”

He has said that he would tell himself, “You’re not good enough. People hate you.” He cites Kylie Jenner as an example of the devastating effects of fame on a young person. Being surrounded by cameras at all times is “affecting how she’s thinking and how she’s perceiving people and why she has to do certain things,” said Bieber in a 2015 interview with The Guardian.[3]

7. Corey Feldman

Yes, this one is no surprise. How could someone not hate fame after going through what Corey Feldman and his best friend, Corey Haim, did? Feldman states that Haim was raped as a young boy and told that it was normal because that’s just what men did in Hollywood.

Haim turned to drugs to cope, and his addiction eventually caused medical problems that led to his untimely death in 2010. It wasn’t much better for Feldman.

He claims that he was molested by a man hired by his own father. Feldman also said that pedophiles were everywhere in Hollywood when he was in his teens and that people knew the two Coreys were just being passed around.[4]

“I was basically a slave child. [ . . . ] I literally was famous before I knew my own name,” said Feldman. “What childhood? I don’t know what that means.” Feldman explained that he was raised in film instead of being able to live a normal life as a kid.

So who could blame this guy?! We’d hate fame, too, having lived a childhood like that.

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